We want fewer victims of fraud or hacker attacks on the internet.

The idea "Vaulteron"

"Does anyone know the access data to the database server?"

Companies give little thought to how employees handle passwords/access. Are passwords written in Excel lists? OneDrive? Or is a note on the monitor enough?

However, that was not the problem. Our company thought about the issue and used the password manager KeePass. KeePass Password Safe is a freely available password management programme. How could it happen that no one had the access data?

For one working day, our team tried to find out what was the reason for the disappearance of the accesses. Our mistake at the time was that we had saved the KeePass database on a shared drive and a staff member overwrote all the newly created passwords with his old version.

With this mishap, the idea of a password manager specialised for companies was born.

The build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten is a contact point for young companies looking for advice and support. Vaulteron applied for the entry-level programme "Advanced II (proof of concept)" in 2020 and was accepted. This has given the company many opportunities to exchange knowledge with experts from different business fields.Advanced II (proof of concept)“ beworben und wurde aufgenommen. Dies hat der Firma viele Möglichkeiten geboten Wissen mit Experten aus unterschiedlichen Businessfeldern auszutauschen.

One year later, Xeas GmbH was founded and the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Vaulteron was completed.

We, Xeas GmbH, were about to take the big step of publishing Vaulteron and applied to the "Premium (proof of market)" programme.Premium (proof of market)“ beworben.

Together with our partner, we acquired our first customers and were able to incorporate feedback into Vaulteron.

Our goal

Vaulteron was born out of the desire to make companies safer and more organised. For this purpose, Xeas GmbH was founded, which develops the product Vaulteron. The founding members are Benedikt Passini, Manuel Kollmann and Philipp Maier.

Kollegiale Führung

Über uns Vaulteron - Passwortmanager für Unternehmen und Privat

Benedikt Passini

Benedikt has an education in software development and business administration. At Caplin Ltd. in London, he worked for banks in the currency market and learned a lot about cyber security. Back in Austria, he took over the front-end development of Drivebox GmbH. A few years later, he founded the company Axandu GmbH with 3 other colleagues and launched the community app on the market.

With the product Vaulteron he wants to achieve his goal and make the internet more secure.

Manuel Kollmann

Manuel successfully completed the HTL Kaindorf, majoring in computer science, and then completed his studies in software design at the FH Joanneum in Kapfenberg in the minimum time. During his studies, he took part in the Cyber Security Challenge Austria and became acquainted with the field of IT security. Since then he has been continuing his education in this sector.

Über uns Vaulteron - Passwortmanager für Unternehmen und Privat

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