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Vaulteron for private users

You are looking for a free Password manager? Vaulteron offers a simple and secure management of your accesses.

Vaulteron Password Manager helps you save time and stay better organized. With intuitive interface, you can easily create and manage multiple passwords. manage them. You can store your passwords safely and securely in a single place. And because it's free, there's no reason not to try it out today.
Privat Vaulteron - Passwortmanager für Unternehmen und Privat

Passwords overview

Simple, safe and convenient

Here you can find all passwords and email addresses that are stored in your Vaulteron account. With the help of the integrated search function you can easily search and find individual passwords.

Android app

Also mobile on the spot on your smartphone

Our password manager is optimized for all common Android smartphones. And of course it also shines in the home office.

Privat Vaulteron - Passwortmanager für Unternehmen und Privat

Browser extension

Install Vaulteron browser extension to facilitate saving new passwords and entering your passwords directly into the login fields of websites.

Import your existing passwords

Simply change

You can import all existing passwords from your browser, KeePass or other password managers. 

All passwords filterable and classified according to your needs.

With Vaulteron, tedious password management is a thing of the past.

A private account is integrated in every business account

If you use Vaulteron in your company, a private account is integrated. So you can use Vaulteron for your company and private at the same time. Do not leave any passwords unsecured!

Now manage passwords quickly, securely and easily. Vaulteron is the convenient and optimal solution to protect your passwords.

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