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Whether you are a private user or a business customer - with us, your passwords are optimally protected in all situations.

Private package

For private customers

Use Vaulteron privately and manage your personal accesses securely and DSGVO compliant

Free of charge for private customers

Business Package

For companies

Take advantage of our extensive offer and secure your passwords now

Only € 3 / month / user

Possible add-ons:

Enterprise Package

For individual requirements, for special companies - Everything your heart desires

According to offer

Is the password manager VAULTERON worth it?

Yes! It is very easy to use and saves you a lot of time. You also get additional security features, such as two-factor authentication and synchronization.

Generate strong passwords: Generate strong, random passwords for each website with a variety of characters.

Fill out forms: Fill out forms quickly and securely.

Protect your data: Encrypt your data before you send it to the server. send.

Two-factor authentication: add a second authentication factor to ensure the protection of your accounts.

Synchronize: Synchronize your passwords across multiple devices.

Manage your passwords: You can view your saved passwords at any time.